Sage in June

Yes, yes, yesssss.

It’s June, school’s out, we’re all wearing flip flips, and Sage is in fine form, if you can’t tell from that clownish smile on her face. Her big smile only comes out a few times each year (it has a direct correlation with the increasing heat and frequency of trips to the dog park) so we are just soaking it up with our happy girl.

You guys, I had recipes planned, but last week I got majorly sick. Like, had to go into Urgent Care to get IV fluids kind of sick. Sage was my BFF for a few days as I laid in bed and canceled all my work/social plans and tried to watch some TV. I was even too sick for TV, though, in my worst moments. What would I have done without this snugglemuffin?

Combine being sick with a lot of prep for our upcoming Recipe Video Bootcamp (free! tomorrow! you should come!) and I have been totally weak sauce in the kitchen lately. Lots of crackers, lots of toast and bananas, lots of cereal-counts-as-a-meal type stuff happening here. To be fair, now that I’m feeling better, I’m on a kick with a made-from-scratch dealio I’m calling CHOPPED SALAD PIZZA loaded with pepperoncini and salami and feta cheese and I will be getting that recipe to you ASAP. But for the last week or so? Meh, you don’t want to be eating what I’m eating.

For today, Monday, the hardest day of the week, I’m giving the universe all that the universe really needs: DOG PICS.

Now, it feels dishonest to go into these good-times pics without showing you the full and honest extent of Sage’s personality, so I will just briefly mention that in addition to having a lot of fun in the warm weather, June so far has included a goodbye to a beloved pair of sandals.

I mean, we are just having such a hard time figuring out who did it.

Nope, definitely not Sage.

Other than that one major No-No and the immediate tail-tucked shame and regret that followed, Sagey-girl is loving life. And as usual, maybe even MORE than usual considering our loss and healing journey over the past few months, Sage is helping us love life, too. Some days – many days, actually – seeing her do something funny is the absolute best part of my day. She is Sage, the (lazy, bad breath) Emotionally Supportive Superdog.

Here’s a peek at what Sage has been up to in early summer 2017.

May your Monday be more joyful for it. 💯

Hanging At Home

Starting off with her serious look.

On the whole, the Good Girl loves the newly remodeled upstairs. She’s a little confused about the mattress-on-the-floor situation (based on our current pace of set-up, we should have furniture in, like, 8 years or so) and she made it known early on that she was not a fan of her “new bedroom” that I created in one of the little dormers. That floor vent next to the dog bed? NO THANK YOU, she says. She does not dig that, and we bow to the Queen, so we moved her back over by our bed. Good thing we’re not pushovers.

The stairs are new, er, newly open and accessible, and they have also been a thing for Sage, but she’s getting used to it. They are original to the house and therefore very narrow and steep, but this star mathlete can handle anything. Right, BB girl?

Bath Time

Because we go to the dog park a lot in the summer, and because Sage’s favorite activity at the dog park is rolling (and rolling and rolling) in the sand, we hit up the DIY-dog-bath place next to the park a week or two ago and it was an EXPERIENCE.

This about sums up Sage’s feelings about water, baths, and basically anything besides couch-lounging:

Dog Park x100

I would consider the Rice Creek Off-Leash Dog Park one of my happiest places on earth. Me, the human.

Sage likes it, too.

We always do three laps, she always rolls in the sand under the bench during the second time around, and she never plays with anyone. Except us. We have to work pretty hard to get her riled up, but it is so worth it for getting just a few seconds of her “crazy eyes” as she runs circles around us.

I hope you guys are making summery salads and drinks and sitting on patios and taking your dogs to the dog park, even if it’s a Monday. YOLO, guys, YOLOOO.

Thanks for checking in with our favorite Good Girl! ❤️ Sending lots of love back to your furry friends across the internet. XO

If you want to see more Sage pics on the reg, I have a personal Instagram account that is loaded with Sagey goodness, among other stuff. Come on over and say hi! @lindsaymostrom

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