Old Bay Chicken Wings


Old Bay Chicken Wings

What’s a Super Bowl without wings? In this chicken wing recipe we are seasoning the wings with Old Bay, a favorite spice blend for crab which works just as well with chicken.

The wings are tossed with in a sauce make with Old Bay, butter, and lemon juice, then baked, broiled, and served with cocktail sauce.

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How To Steam-Fry Vegetables


How To Steam Fry Vegetables

Need a quick side dish of vegetables to go with your meal? Try steam-frying them!

Using this method, you quickly stir-fry vegetables to develop some color, and then steam them until tender. Steam-frying uses less oil than a regular stir-fry, but the vegetables still quickly cook through.

The veggies also pick up a little browning from the stir-fry step and some flavor from the liquid used for the steaming step, making them more exciting than plain steamed vegetables.

You can use this technique to cook just about any vegetable in the fridge, from cauliflower to green beans.

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Hot Spinach Dip


Hot and cheesy spinach dip, grab a chip, toast or crudites and dig in! Perfect for any gathering, you can double or triple the recipe as needed.

Hot and cheesy spinach dip, grab some chips, toasts or crudites and dig in! Perfect for parties or gatherings, you can double or triple the recipe as needed.

I first posted this recipe back in 2010, my oldest daughter Karina loves this dip! It was the only way I could get her to east spinach and made it often for her as an after school snack. With the Superbowl coming I thought I would revive it! You can prepare this a day ahead and bake as needed. It can also be frozen before heating up if you want to prepare this a few days ahead.

Hot and cheesy spinach dip, grab a chip, toast or crudites and dig in! Perfect for any gathering, you can double or triple the recipe as needed.


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The Song: Afton’s Story, Part Four


Afton's Story

We didn’t have a name picked out yet. Since the beginning, our baby name wishlist had been sort of high-maintenance: I wanted a nature-inspired name, bonus if it ended with an “n.” Bjork wanted a short name with a Scandinavian feel. 😌 We’re “those” people.

The day before Afton was born, Bjork’s parents came to visit us in the hospital. I was coming in and out of sleep, and they sat talking quietly in the chairs next to my hospital bed. Their conversation shifted to poetry and music, and in my hazy state of mind I heard Bjork say something about Nickel Creek and the song “Sweet Afton.” I’m not saying this to be dramatic – I honestly felt like a little bolt of lightning zapped me. I snapped wide awake. Afton. With Bjork and his parents still talking about poetry, I grabbed my phone and started googling.

Afton: a river in Scotland, for my nature theme.

Afton: a Swedish word that means afternoon or evening, for Bjork’s Scandinavian feel.

Afton: a name ending with an “n,” for my weird enjoyment of names ending with “n”.

And “Sweet Afton”, one of our favorite songs.

I started crying.

Bjork looked at me, mid-conversation, and asked me if I was okay. Yes, I said. Yes, I’m okay.

That night, we talked about the name. It felt so right. “Let’s sleep on it,” we said. And then things took a fast turn – we went from bedrest to emergency c-section at just 23 weeks and 3 days. We still hadn’t picked our baby’s name.

The room emptied to give us a minute alone before the surgery, and Bjork and I could hardly see each other through our tears. We were about to meet our son, but it was way too early. Lung development, long term health complications, survival… the weight of it all was suffocating. We stayed quiet, holding hands. And then, in the silence: “Afton?” Bjork said gently. “Afton.” I said back.

Sweet Afton is called a hymn for peace, and it’s so fitting. We played this song during Afton’s birth, through his last moments on earth as we held him close, and once more as we laid him to rest in peace forever.

Flow gently, my sweet Afton. 💙 You are so loved.

Afton's Story

I’m sharing more about life with and after Afton on my personal Instagram account. I’d love to have you follow along here.

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Sheet Pan Fish and Chips


Sheet Pan Fish and Chips

Where I live in Boston, seeing “fish and chips” on a restaurant menu is as common as salt. Every fish shack serves them by default, and you’ll find fancy versions at high-end restaurants, too!

When making fish and chips at home, I say leave the deep-frying to the pros and opt for the oven instead.

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Kale Salad with Roasted Sweet Potato, Dried Cherries, Feta & Pepitas


Kale Salad with Roasted Sweet Potato, Dried Cherries, Feta & Pepitas

This beautiful salad, made with massaged kale, roasted sweet potatoes, dried cherries, crumbled Feta cheese and pepitas is both nourishing and delicious!


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The Bed: Afton’s Story, Part Three


Afton's Story

I had gone in for a routine exam when we realized that something might be wrong. It was after hours, so the doctor sent me to the nearest hospital to have a specialist take a look, “just to make sure.” The hospital we were sent to was the hospital that we were also planning to deliver at. Well, hey! we thought. This is convenient! We had already done a tour like the super eager-beaver parents that we are, and we joked more than once on our way into the hospital about how it was actually kind of awesome to have a practice run before coming in for the real thing.

We waited for the doctor in the triage room, eating graham crackers and drinking apple juice and watching the Hallmark Christmas movie that the nurse had put on the TV. The doctor came in, started the exam, and said: nope, there’s no dilation… oh my goodness, yes there is. She’s dilated and her water is about to break through. Lay the bed flat, lay the bed flat.

The nurse rushed to lay the bed flat – inverse, actually, with my head reclined lower than my feet. And there could be no more painfully perfect metaphor for our lives in that moment – the tipping of the bed signaling the tipping of our world. Completely and utterly flipped, crashing, inverse, upside down, all wrong.

The doctor took my hand. “Lindsay, if you deliver tonight…” Tonight? I stopped breathing. I stopped listening. I’m only 23 weeks. “Bedrest… risks… survival…” No, no, no. This isn’t my life.

When they left us alone for a minute, Bjork and I cried and tried to find words, something to make this okay or to reassure us that our baby would come out of this just fine. And there was really nothing, except:

This is our story now.

We said these words to each other over and over throughout the next 6 days, telling ourselves at every turn: this is our story.

Brené Brown says: If we own the story, then we can write the ending.

Even now, in these fresh and tender days after Afton is gone, I’m reminding myself – this is your story now. It really hurts. It’s not the story you wanted. But it’s not done, and you can still write the ending. 💙

Afton's Story

I’m sharing more about life with and after Afton on my personal Instagram account. Follow here!

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